Art Of Invitation

Co-design imaginative projects responding to the social and environmental challenges of our time.

Are you looking for effective ways to bring groups of people together and maintain their involvement?

Are you trying to encourage people to respond to the social and ecological challenges of our time and become active in the world?

Do you want to find out about inspirational ways to reach and include more diverse groups of people?

Would you like to explore how making art together can accelerate change?

Art of Invitation: Guest blog from Orlaith Treacy

A personal account from an Art of Invitation participant

"This course was so rich and powerful. It was a gorgeous, plentiful delight on all levels. The facilitators and teachers were quite remarkable and this week was without doubt the most powerful educative experience I have ever had."

Past Course Participant

Activating participation is an essential craft The Art of Invitation shares a range of approaches to Invite people to Join In. Participants learn by doing and develop their own plans, activities and skills for change for their own projects, organisations and communities.

Join us for creative exploration through sessions focusing on inspiring case studies, specialist workshops and presentations from contributors. This will be combined with practical group work, celebration, solo reflection time, and 1:1 mentoring to develop individual practice and process.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own project ideas, plans and experiences as material to develop within the course.

At the end of the week you will come away with new creative tools for change that can resource you and the projects, communities and organisations that you are involved with and give you the confidence and skills to create new ones.