Be My Guest

Be My Guest formed part of the Four Corners, a city wide creative neighbourhood’s project supported by Liverpool Capital of Culture in 2008.

"It made Garston feel like a better community, I was ashamed about coming from here, now I know it’s not a bad area."

Be My Guest Participant

Be My Guest resulted in a performance which told the story of groups of residents from across South Liverpool.

Small groups of residents from the six different areas that make up South Liverpool volunteered to become Be My Guest hosts in January 2008. They organised unique community events in their homes, social clubs, or community centres. Hosts gathered friends, family and neighbours together to witness an intimate multi-media performance of stories and imagery collected from and inspired by the people of South Liverpool.

This new intergenerational network of people met monthly exchanging personal stories that appeared in the show, feeding ideas into the performance and supporting each other to prepare for their own unique Be My Guest events. Hosts organised all aspects of the events, deciding where they took place in their areas and who should be invited.

"It brought different generations of people together."

Be My Guest Participant

Buffets, local dance troupes, singalongs, fancy dress, bingo, DJ sets and Karaoke were all part of the extra entertainment hosts organised to follow the performance.

The performance, directed by Ruth Ben-Tovim, featured actor Paul Duckworth and audio visuals by artist Sam Meech and was divided into six sections each based on a different universal theme of everyday life; Place, Hurt, Love, Home, How It Used To Be and Celebration. As well as taking place in the Hosts chosen venues, performances were held in the Bluecoat Arts Centre in Liverpool, alongside an exhibition and installation.

Be My Guest Performance Video