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Chrysalis: on the Road

Chrysalis was made by the hands and imagination of people in South Devon and Torbay, UK. It is now being used by groups and artists in Devon and beyond, at festivals, events and more!

Find out more about the collaborative design and make of this new community resource, as well as the many diverse ways it is already being used since its completion and launch in June 2019. 

Keep an eye on this page to follow the adventures of Chrysalis.

A short video about how Chrysalis was designed, made and is now being used by the people of South Devon.

Do you have an idea that involves Chrysalis?

Chrysalis is a resource for everyone. If you are interested in using Chrysalis for a one off event, something more regular or a new project then we'd love to hear more! 

Find out more about where Chrysalis has been:


Chrysalis returns to Haytor View Primary

Chrysalis returned to Haytor View Primary, who earlier in the year designed and printed fabric for the interior


The Making of Chrysalis

Chrysalis was a mobile arts, culture and learning space made in 2018 - 2019 by the hands and imagination of people living or working in the Bio-Region of South Devon.