Ongoing Project
June 2017- end 2018


"It aims to develop a broad, international and cross-sectoral comparative framework for understanding 'heritage' in its most expansive sense"

Encounters Creative Associate, Shelley Castle will be the Creative Fellow for Heritage Futures 2017-2018 Profusion Theme, working in collaboration with Anthropologist Dr Jennie Morgan from the Department of Sociology, University of York and local residents from Torbay to investigate the theme of profusion. 

Profusion – The Human Bower

Torre Abbey gardens played host to a participatory installation called The Human Bower over the weekend of 19/20th May.

Working collaboratively with local residents from across Torbay, they will address the challenge presented by the abundance of material and digital ‘stuff’ in our world and ask what is selected for long-term keeping and why. What are the complex yet often unacknowledged motivations, emotions, and judgements that shape what makes it into the future? 

AHRC funded Heritage Futures begins from the premise that heritage is fundamentally concerned with assembling futures. The collaborative, multi-sited research programme will compare a range of conventional and unconventional future-making practices from a number of different heritage and heritage-like fields. The research programme aims to facilitate co-creation and sharing of practical knowledge across these various domains of practice which are rarely considered collectively to contribute to the development of innovative and sustainable approaches to heritage conservation.

Shelley illustrated the story in the object for those attending from further afield.

Encounters events and engagement will be based in Torbay during 2017/18, including at the International Agatha Christie Festival 13th-17th September at Torre Abbey, during which participants were invited to bring along an object or tell the story of an object that held meaning for them to contribute their story to an evolving cabinet of curiosities. 

There will be a second participatory installation in Torbay over the 19th and 20th May 2018.