Project / Event
2003 – 2007

Sharrow Stories

Sharrow Stories was the culmination of a project where empty shops were used to bring a community together in creative collaboration.

Sharrow Stories was a unique one-off interactive performance event at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield in June 2007. It brought together Sharrow residents of all ages, four professional performers and a team of young people who acted as guides. With the seats taken out of the studio, the audience were invited to move around the space, witnessing events and making decisions about what stories they wanted to hear.

The performance event was inspired by the hundreds of stories, memories, journeys, objects and images which visitors left in the Sharrow Shops. From 2003 to 2005

Encounters took up residence in disused shops and other spaces in Sharrow working with local people and visitors to create multi authored artworks exploring the themes of people, place and community.

The shops become meeting places in which to collect and exchange experiences, memories, objects, journeys and thoughts about everyday life in an area. We used performance, film, photography, visual art and text to collect material and create interactive and evolving displays within each shop.