Take Me To...

Take Me To was a one-off project involving a series of personal tours in Peterborough.

“This invitation by Encounters to explore Peterborough, to combine perspectives and to share food, is entirely in the spirit of Citizen Power Peterborough. Encounters’ enthusiasm for a place new to them is infectious and I know everyone who participates will share and discover things they never knew and – importantly – will have a thoroughly enjoyable, stimulating time."

RSA Associate Michaela Crimmin

The project was commissioned as part of a Citizen Power Peterborough initiative being piloted by Peterborough City Council, the RSA and Arts Council England.

Take Me To involved a series of personal tours of Peterborough, in the hope that participating would give people living in the city an opportunity to share their experiences of everyday life, and to take a glimpse into the lives of others who live alongside them. We asked people to “Take Me To a place you love; a place you fear; a place you go to be alone; a place that gives you hope; a place where something important happened to you; a place you’ve heard a story about…”

After the tours we gathered for a Peterborough Pot Luck Feast to hear participants’ reflections on their own lives, their neighborhood and the city. Arts/architecture practice Exyzt collaborated with us to create the space for a final event – a Pot-Luck Winter Feast.