Venice Biennale

Echo City was the showcase exhibit at the British Pavilion at the 10th Biennale of Architecture in Venice in 2006. The exhibit was conceived and designed by Architect Jeremy Till along with Ian Anderson, Jim Prevett, Tim Etchells, Hugo Glendinning, Martyn Ware, Sarah Wigglesworth, Trish O’Shea & Ruth Ben-Tovim (Encounters).

There were four side rooms in the pavilion and each room reflected urban experience at a particular architectural and social scale; either 1:1, 1:100, 1:10,000 or 1: 10,000,000. Encounters were responsible for designing the 1:1 room, reflecting the intimate scale of the Encounters shops.

It was very exciting to be part of this event, exploring how the three Sharrow shop projects could be represented within the exhibition. We didn’t want to literally recreate the shops or create an exhibition that was too far away from them either. The exhibition therefore contained traces, echoes of the Sharrow shops; the stories, objects, journeys, toy animals that we had collected in Sheffield, as well as a new invitation to visitors in Venice to participate to leave their own trace. It was important for us that this invitation was at the heart of the exhibition.