We, Encounters, declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency

We pledge to work with and support our community and local government to respond to this Emergency, and we call on others to do the same.

These are our intentions:

1. We will tell the Truth

We will use our skills and experience as a co-ordinating body between individuals, organisations and statutory agencies to advocate for telling the truth about the Climate and Ecological Emergency and endeavour to facilitate an open, learning culture for all parties. 

We will communicate our learning and knowledge with our fellow citizens and support them to discover the truth about the Emergency and  to co-design the changes that are needed.  

2. We will take Action

We pledge to work to rapidly reduce our organisations emissions and be part of a wider systemic change to net zero by 2025.

Within the limits of the Powers of our organisation (which include education, training, publishing research findings, presenting arts activities and exhibitions and distributing information in the advancement of life-long learning) we will inform and educate our stakeholders, partners and statutory bodies about the impacts of policies and actions that do not help to reduce emissions and consumption levels.

We will actively work to imagine and model ways that our organisation can regenerate the Earth’s life systems and share our learning widely with stakeholders and partner organisations.

3. We are committed to Justice

We recognise that the emergency has arisen from deeply systemic injustices.  

Encounters is committed to collaboratively developing arts practices that re- imagine existing systems and forge shifts in the ways we relate to one another and the world, in our values and behaviours, such that reaching net zero is both ecologically resilient and globally fair. 

We will work to enable dialogue and expression amidst our communities about how the Emergency will affect them and the changes that are needed. 

We are committed to the principles and practices of participatory democracy, collaboration and the co-design of solutions, and will support and encourage these democratic ways of working with all our stakeholders and partner organisations and civic institutions and statutory bodies.

We are committed to principles of local resilience and global fairness through our truth telling, action and democratic work and to bringing forward, standing up for and making space for marginalised voices.

End of Declaration

The launch procession of Culture Declares Emergency at the turbine hall, Tate Modern. 

Culture Declares Emergency is a growing community of creative practitioners and organisations concerned about the dire state of our living planet. 

Since launching in April, over 400 individuals and organisations have declared AN ECOLOGICAL AND CLIMATE EMERGENCY as part of a movement demanding systemic change to support life on Earth. 

To follow up, Culture Declares Emergency is convening a big creative conversation today, as part of London Climate Action Week, to explore the potential of Arts and Culture in a Planetary Emergency, Encounters is proud to be supporting and facilitating at this event. 

Culture Declares Emergency Assembly

The Roundhouse London

Monday 8 July - Today!  Doors 1pm

1.30pm - 6pm

Find out more through the Roundhouse website

Whether you’ve declared or want to explore what it might mean to declare and the action that could follow, check out the Culture Declares website and social media. And join the conversation: What is Culture’s role in these times? 

What next?

  • In the coming months we will articulate what declaring a climate emergency means specifically in relation to Encounters. 
  • We will also be taking time to clarify the impact which we hope to make by declaring and what we envisage Encounters offering, particularly to our local communities – how our practice, people and experience can contribute, and the actions and changes which we have within our power to show that our pledges are meaningful.

A Creative Conversation, reflecting on the relationship between religion and the 'sixth mass extinction'.