Chrysalis returns to Haytor View Primary

Chrysalis has begun its tour back to the groups which participated in its design and making! Last week Chrysalis returned to Haytor View Primary School, where it was welcomed with excitement.

The students, staff and parents at Haytor View Primary School were delighted to see the fabric that was decorated by the Year 1 class integrated into the Chrysalis space and to explore the work made by others. Many of them spent the afternoon creating drawings inspired by the objects found in the beautiful mini cabinet of curiosities that was made by the Totnes Caring group, all of which were inspired by local natural wonders.

Parents and siblings explore Chrysalis in the playground at Haytor.

Drawings inspired by pebble bugs inside Totnes Caring's contribution to the cabinet of curiosities

Both the adults and children were equally intrigued and delighted to explore the cabinet of ecological curiosities inside of Chrysalis .

Students from Haytor View Primary added their names to the Chrysalis visitors book (left). Students admired the mosaic made by Paignton Crafters (right).



The Making of Chrysalis

Chrysalis will be a new mobile arts, culture and learning space made in 2018 - 2019 by the hands and imagination of people who live or work in the Bio Region of South Devon.