Encounters to Work With Alunatime

Encounters are delighted to begin working with artist Laura Williams to support creative community engagement and involvement on the Aluna project.

This ambitious project has been in development for over 10 years, and is a unique proposal for the world’s largest Moon and Tide clock that will change the way we consider time and understand our planet. Located at 0° longitude on the Greenwich Peninsula, three vast recycled glass rings, powered naturally by solar and tidal energy, will track the Moon’s cycles and influences on the Earth with slowly moving light. Sustainably built, Aluna will run for generations to come.

Aluna unites art, science and spirituality and is an ever-changing reminder of the natural cycles that have shaped our past and will determine our future. Designed by Laura as a place of celebration and connection, Aluna’s rings will create a public space for international festival, education and community events.

In the build up to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon landings in 2019, Laura and Aluna’s team will be collaborating with Royal Museums Greenwich, Encounters and local community groups and individuals. Together they will design and deliver Greenwich Moon Time: a year-long celebration of the Moon and the diverse communities of Greenwich, revealing the scientific, cultural and community lunar heritage connected to Greenwich, the Thames and the setting of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Encounters starts working with Laura and her team in June this year.

"Encounters are inspirational and unique in connecting humans with each other and the nature within and around. Making this deep connection is core to being able to respond creatively and sustainably to the socio-ecological issues of our time. I feel honoured to have Encounters’ involvement at this important stage in Aluna’s cultural and community development" 

Laura Williams


Aluna Time