Fish Hawker Banner Workshops

As part of the Fish Hawker project, banner workshops are taking place at The Edge in Brixham every Thursday evening, 6.30-8.30pm, with everyone welcome to join in to share or learn new textile skills, chat and enjoy a casual creative space.

The banner project runs through summer and then the banners will accompany performers at the Fish Hawker procession during Fish Stock on 8th September.  The words that emblazon them are comprised of phrases gathered during the wider Fish Hawker project about women who have inspired the people of Brixham.  They are made entirely from recycled materials. 

The banners connect the project, which is unveiling and celebrating the contribution of women over the years to the massive fishing industry in Brixham, with the wider anniversary of the start of women's suffrage.  The suffragettes were highly skilled at creative interventions, and Fish Hawkers hopes to rekindle this form of public expression during Fish Stock.


Museum of Now: Fish Hawkers

Fish Hawkers looks to reveal the hidden lives of the women working in the fishing industry over the past 150 years in Brixham and the marine life that supports the industry.