Human Bower: Location Scouting

Shelley Castle and Jennie Morgan have been wandering around Torbay together trying to find a great location for the upcoming Human Bower participatory installation as part of their collaboration for the Heritage Futures theme 'Profusion'.  

Whilst discussing how our age of profusion is effecting us as individuals and pondering what it means for communities, we toured an alarming number of empty shops full of potential across Torbay.  Are these the first signs of our fading love affair with stuff or is it just simply down to consumer habits changing? 

What's certain is that everyone, regardless of their opinion about 'suffocation', is up for a conversation.  So we hope to continue these conversations during the event which is taking place in the beautiful gardens at Torre Abbey Museum on Saturday 19th May and Sunday 20th May.  Places are limited so if you're interested in talking about what we might keep for the future and what we need to let go of in order to thrive in the future, then please contact us for free entry to the current Tattoo Exhibition and gardens.

We will be binding sticks and creating a new 'Human Bower' that holds our thoughts about our age of Profusion.  This creation, made by many hands, will go on to be part of an upcoming exhibition in Manchester Museum.



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