Linguistics Professors Latest Visit for Innovative Project

Shirley speaking with carpentry volunteers Charlie and David, next to the Chrysalis van, with Encounter's Ruth and Workshop Collaborative's Catherine.

Professor Shirley Brice-Heath, from Stanford University and Dr Colleen Cotter based in the UK at Queen Mary's University London came to South Devon for their latest research trip, as part of the Encounters projects Tracking Language and the Making of Chrysalis. Colleen and Shirley are well respected researchers in linguistics and in collaboration with Encounters they are tracking language used over the duration of the Making of Chrysalis to understand how creativity and imagination support people to experience shifts their sense of ecological self and their understanding of living within the Earth’s ecological limits.

Shirley and Colleen ask David about his experience of participating in the making of Chrysalis (left).

Shirley and Colleen speak with maker Luke from the Workshop Collaborative, who has been hosting the Chrysalis carpentry volunteer sessions (right).

As part of their research, Shirley and Colleen spoke with David and Charlie, two of the Chrysalis carpentry volunteers at the Workshop Collaborative's base in Dartington, where they have been busy working on the fittings for the Chrysalis van. They also visited the Chrysalis community make day in Paignton to speak with participants.

We look forward to hearing more from them as this innovative research progresses.

David stands inside the Chrysalis van for the first time (left) and working on the reclaimed window which will be fitted to the Chrysalis van (right).



Tracking Language

Encounters’ Tracking Language Project, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, pilots a new approach to the evaluation of creative participatory projects in the UK.