Profusion Planning is advancing towards a garden installation at Torre Abbey

On 18 & 19 April Shelley Castle, Creative Fellow on Profusion and Dr Jennie Morgan, anthropologist from Department of Sociology, University of York, had 2 planning days visiting potential sites and participants of Profusion, our project exploring how to collect 'current' history. Profusion is part of a broader initiative from Heritage Futures, exploring the challenge of what to keep in both the museum space and our homes.

What do we value and why?  How can we know what to keep for an uncertain future?  And what stories do the objects that we keep tell us? (This was also explored in our project The Story of the Object).

Shelley and Jenny visited previous Encounters partners and some potential new ones in Torquay in anticipation of our public event on 19 and 20 May.

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Site and partner visits are an important part of our practice - to develop artistic experiences that create safe and inspiring spaces for people to share thoughts and feelings around important questions of our times.  In this two day participatory event in the beautiful gardens of Torre Abbey, we will be creating a colourful bower based on the structure created by the ingenious and highly aesthetically minded Bower Bird.  The bower is created by the male, lined with his favourite objects which he very carefully displays to attract the female.  How does this creature chose what to display?  What are his motivations and how similar are they to our own nest making?



"It aims to develop a broad, international and cross-sectoral comparative framework for understanding 'heritage' in its most expansive sense"