The Extinction & Religion Network: A Creative Conversation, July 15th

Hard Questions Cafe in Exmouth discussing how our faith affects how we think and act on Global Mass Extinction

You are invited to take part in a day of Creative Conversation on Monday July 15th in Bristol - hosted by Encounters and the Religion & Extinction Network.  

We are bringing together people from different faith and spiritual backgrounds to take part and share thoughts, feelings and reflections about the climate and ecological crisis we face, in particular around global mass extinction. 

We shall be exploring the questions:

What role do religious faith or spirituality play in shaping our actions in response to extinction?

How does extinction impact on our religious faith and spiritual beliefs?

This event is free.  Please email Anne-Marie Culhane: sending a couple of sentences with your name and describing your interest in this Creative Conversation . We will then confirm your space and send you further event details.  We look forward to meeting you. 

As part of this project, earlier this month we delivered a participatory evening of conversation at the Hard Questions Cafe in Exmouth on the topic How Does our Faith Effect how we think and act on Global Mass Extinction? The event was attended by thirty people.

During the evening we invited the group to share what they already knew about Extinction and select objects to use as prompts to talk and write in pairs about how it feels to live at a time of global extinction.  The event concluded with a discussion about how Global Mass Extinction is impacting religious faith or spiritual belief.

 Learning from this event will be taken into a day long Creative Conversation on July 15th in Bristol. 

More information is available here.