Torbay Care Charter To Improve Lives of Care Home Residents Launches

“When you bring artists into a conversation, some kind of magic happens and with Encounters’ creative approach to the new Care Charter project, we found that people in care were able to express their thoughts and feelings much more openly and honestly than they had done before. It helped us to develop a meaningful and true Care Charter.

The Charter itself is a work of art and using the beautiful playing cards will open up and continue these kinds of conversations in care settings across Torbay.”

Kate Farmery, Executive Director of Torbay Culture

Commissioned by Torbay Council and Torbay Culture, Encounters delivered a creative co-design programme in 10 care homes in Paignton, Brixham and Torquay. Using creative activities including model making, drawing and writing they asked questions such as “what makes this place feel like home?” in ways that triggered sensory memories for the residents. This set of activities has resulted in a Care Charter and interactive toolkit in the form of illustrated playing cards that outline all of the values that each person wants to see reflected in the quality of care they receive.

At the launch of the Care Charter today, all care homes across Torbay were invited and encouraged to sign up to the charter and commit to the values in their care setting.

Councillor Parrott, Executive Lead for Adults and Children in Torbay, commented ahead of the reveal:

“Here in Torbay we have the third highest number of care homes in the country, so it’s really important for us to get the quality of care right. The new Charter, developed by those in care, gives us an important opportunity to ensure we are doing this and to get the full support from care providers across the Bay, which I hope we will see happen on Wednesday.”

The project is funded by Torbay Council and Torbay Culture working in partnership through the lottery-funded Great Place Scheme, and delivered by Encounters.


Torbay Care Charter

Exploring ‘What does good care look like?’ in Torbay’s Residential Care Homes and developing a Torbay Care Home Residents Charter of Rights.