Lucy Neal

Creative Associate

“What kind of people do we need to become for the future to happen? Flourishing, creative, connected and active. Encounters gives me practical opportunities daily to know more about how we act in the world to bring about change.”


I have a background in theatre and making things happen. Co-founder of the London International Festival of Theatre (1981-1985), I’ve always been interested in how celebratory events act as a catalyst for change. Through involvement as a grassroots activist in Tooting, South London where I live, I explore the role our collective imagination plays in creating the future we can imagine living in. Playing for Time - Making Art As If the World Mattered, (Oberon Books 2015), was co-written with 60 other artists and activists and maps collaborative arts practices emerging in response to planetary challenges.

I am an Associate of the Happy Museum Project and The Making of London as a National Park City; author of The Great Imagining - how the arts spark cultural change in Zero Carbon Britain’s 2017 Making It Happen. and The Turning World - stories from the London International Festival of Theatre (Gulbenkian 2005).