Shelley Castle

Creative Associate

Things are changing all the time but it feels like at this moment in time we have the chance to make the changes positive. I believe the only way to do that is together, creatively and with imagination, using the natural world as our guide and inspiration.


My background is in studio based visual art but in 2007 I moved to Devon to study a Masters in Arts and Ecology and for the past five years have worked mostly in the socially and ecologically engaged arena locally.  I have co-created very diverse projects with Encounters and participants, from Brixham Baker Boys to Museum of Now and Wild Parkour.  I use my interest in the power of making and creative exploration as the basis for gathering different people together to share feelings, thoughts, learning and skills, particularly to explore the natural world in all its glorious diversity.  I am currently exploring possible avenues for creative, collaborative, ecological restoration: specifically researching the role of fungi as a main player in a healthier happier future.



‘In the Red’ Nature In the Balance, exhibition at Torquay Museum

Museum of Now Torquay, Bronze Talisman 2015

Wild Parkour, Brixham 2015