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We can work with you to design bespoke creative projects and processes that respond to your needs. We also self-generate projects and initiatives.

Encounters 1:1 Room in the British Pavilion — Venice Biennale of Architecture 2006

The Craft

Artists understand context and local needs and design Invitations to Join In activities using different art-forms that allow a wide range of participants to take part meaningfully, imaginatively and creatively.

The Skill

Intimate facilitation that enables a broad range of people to feel comfortable and safe enough in order to reflect and participate in the activities sharing personal experiences and ideas.

The Artwork

Co-authored artworks; interactive exhibitions, performances, community gatherings, graphic print, feasts, walks, that create a snapshot in time using the words, images and reflections of the people who create it. Our artwork is itself relational,  the formation and connections that occur within participants and their communities as a result of getting involved in the activity.

Our Experience

Cross-sector partnerships bring alternative viewpoints and research, alerting us to a variety of needs and helping us co-design projects that engage with diverse individuals within equally diverse communities. We are rigorous in our recruitment stages, passionate about supporting people to maintain their involvement, and understand the depth of support needed for people to overcome barriers to participation. 

Our particular focus, skill and experience as an organisation is in widening access to creative activity, bringing people together across difference to make work that reflects the joys and challenges of everyday life and catalyses positive change in challenging times. Creating opportunities for diverse individuals to experience the often life changing process of stepping out of habitual behaviour patterns and viewing the world through different lenses, is at the heart of what we do. We offer many different ways for people to participate in Encounters’ work, recognising they are best met where they are at, wherever that maybe, that everyone has their own and different ‘learning edge’. The design of our projects, caters for difference in terms of interest, skills, confidence and learning styles. Part of our role as practitioners is to take care of the participants and their journey and to support and encourage them to participate fully and to signpost them in ways that can support their ongoing learning after a project or activity.

We have learnt that when the invitation is tightly crafted there are fewer barriers to engagement - people are hungry to be part of something, to think about and care for each other, their community, neighbourhood, natural world.

Work With Us

If you’d like to explore a project idea, please be in touch.


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